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This page was created to display various pieces of art I’ve created. Recently, I’ve taken to scriptural art and writing the word of God on the walls of our home. His word in front of me means much more than you could ever know.  I do create the art on my computer before painting them on a canvas board. I love playing around with different fonts and images to see what appeals to me. Here you’ll see the computer image and my hand painted version of it. I pray these bless you as they have blessed us. Enjoy!

Mariah is (9)I created this for my son Marcus. He’s 7 and we want him to know he is GOD’s masterpiece. Regardless of what life brings to him, he will always know that GOD intentionally created him for greatness!

Ephesians 2:10

Mariah is (10)

This one means a lot to me, especially as a wife. I am aware of my sinful nature and how easy it is to yield to. I am aware of the havoc and hurt it wreaks on myself and those around me. I think it’s extra important to have a word that reminds me of my automatic response and that I need to depend on the Father always.

Psalm 19:13

Mariah is (11)

This verse is a favorite of my husband. Well actually the entire chapter, but this part reached out to me.

Proverbs 30:8