How Should I Respond?

This post is about God’s faithfulness, a husband’s love and obedience and the right response. If you know me, you know I share an intimate prayer life with God regarding my life and marriage. I often take my requests, hurts, joys, frustrations and complaints to HIM. So it’s a no brainer that I shared with HIM the distance between my spouse and I, my hurt with some things that we’ve both said and my hope that we’d get closer.


Never in a million years would I have thought MY response was the problem. Let me explain. My prayer was and is to be recognized by my husband. Adored and appreciated. Desired and respected. Chased and nurtured. You know all the things you think a man has to do to make you feel loved! Well… I got it! My husband showed up and with a few changes to his routine, knocked my socks off! I was blown away by the attention he was providing, so much so, that I lost all thought processing. I couldn’t figure out what to feel, say, think, or do. I’d grown accustomed to living in lack that I didn’t know how to respond in abundance. Even to this day I’m thinking, praying, hoping that GOD will teach me the way to respond to being LOVED.

With all my heart I pray…


How do you respond when breaking out of the darkness into the light? What will bless my husband and encourage him to continue on this path? How do I reverently thank GOD for ALL? Share your thoughts. Let me know.

With love,



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