Just For Today


I love the LORD with all my heart! HE is right! I am an imperfect woman and I have been joyfully called to love an imperfect man. HE is growing me up to teach my children and leave legacies for their children on how to love and cherish your spouse. I woke up today with a surrendered heart, open to share.

I was vulnerable with my husband this morning and it was freeing. I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t reclaim the statement, I wasn’t defensive, and I didn’t have any doubtful thoughts right after. Wow! What a blessing! I don’t deserve anything that GOD does for me. I don’t deserve HIS favor or anointing and I am so grateful when HE shares it. I want to be ever mindful and present to see HIS presence in me everyday.

My prayer is this…Thank YOU for this vulnerability. Thank YOU for showing me that it’s safe to have an open heart because trusting YOU is good. Thank YOU for showing me what walking heart led in marriage looks like. Thank YOU for today. Thank YOU for my husband. Don’t let the work stop. I’m open and willing to grow and receive YOUR power. With all my love, in JESUS’ name. Amen


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